Bois de Liesse

If you desire to draw, that you may represent something you care for, you will advance switfly and safely. If you desire to draw, that you make a beautiful drawing, you will never make one.
— John Ruskin, Artist & Observer by Christopher Newall

We are quite lucky here in Montreal as there are many activities that are out there for artists to join, free of charge. Today was the first time that I joined Linda Drewry (I hope that I have spelled her family name correctly…) who is the person that organizes plein air days during the summer months in the Montreal area. She has been organizing these for the past 20 years! Here is a link to her blog and if ever you feel like joining us in these endeavours, you are most welcome -) We went to the Bois de Liesse today in Pierrefonds (my father used to call Pierrefonds “RockBottom” -) and Chi Mai, Linda Denis and myself painted houses that are privately owned which are on the grounds of this estate. Quite charming place.

Les artistes sont chanceux à Montréal car il y a beaucoup d’activités qui sont gratuits et intéressants. Aujourd’hui je me suis joint à Linda Drewry qui organise depuis 20 ans des journées plein air tout au long de l’été où plusieurs artistes peignent ensemble avec toutes sortes de médium différents. Aujourd’hui nous nous sommes retrouvés au Bois de Liesse à Pierrefonds et Chi Mai, Linda Denis et moi-même avons peint une des maisons qui ont des propriétaires privées mais qui sont situées sur les terrains de ce bois. Un bel endroit à découvrir…

Paper: Stillman & Birn Beta
Colours: Aureolin Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue
Fountain Pen: Pilot Prera F
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey
Location: 9432 Gouin West, Pierrefonds, Québec, Canada


5 thoughts on “Bois de Liesse

  1. Oohhh! The watercolor exhibit is finished now but they were all SCA (Société canadienne aquarelles) members and Raynald Murphy was there. They were giving live demos, and that was interesting. It is the exhibit that is usually housed in the Ogilvy building but as it is in renos, they relocated it there. I will send this out by email to you too, as why did I not do that in the first place???


  2. Sorry Jane, I just saw all these nice invitations. I guess I should have ticked the follow up box on the blog! What is the watercolour exhibit in Ville St. Laurent?


    1. Hi Shari again — next week we are going to St-Eustache and Linda is giving me a lift. We are passing with the ferry as it is right next to us. And this coming Friday, Mai and I are going to visit the watercolour exhibit in Ville St-Laurent.If you would like to have more details, just let me know -)))


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