Abstract bird :: Oiseau abstrait

Today was a fun day as Linda and I signed up for a Mixed Media Acrylic workshop given by Diane St-Georges in Hudson with the AHAA group (Artistes Hudson Artists Association). We worked with image transfers, acrylics, and looking at the rules of composition. At the end of the workshop we had a really nice critiquing time which was very beneficial. Some of the key points that were noted were:
a) Four corners must be different;
b) There should not be anything on the middle line;
c) Following the Golden Rule (Swiss Grid), choose one focal point (the upper right evokes the most sentiment — if an object is right in the center, it has a religious effect);
d) There should be a dominant colour;
e) No object should exit at the corners.

Aujourd’hui j’ai eu une belle journée car j’avais un atelier dirigé par Diane St-Georges avec le groupe AHAA  “Artistes Hudson Artists” en utilisant des médias mixtes, tels que acrylique, transfer d’images, alcool et acétone. La journée a passé vite et bien qu’inhabituel pour moi, j’ai aimé peindre en abstraction… donc voici mon oiseau -)

Paper: Boddingford 30″x22″, divided in 8 parts by masking take;
Acrylics (Golden Liquid) : Raw Sienna, Cadmium Red Light and Cobalt Blue
Materials used:
– Acetone to make the transfer from laser print to silk paper
– Alcohol 70% to show the background;
– Acrylic gloss medium.