Colour Palette :: Palette de couleurs

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is not surprising that this morning I woke up with chills and feeling feverish as we have had below normal temperatures for the past 5 months. I had the courage to clean up my colour palette and I threw about 1/3 of my paints out as they were largely unused — such a waste of money for a scottish woman, but I am happy to have clean and new colours in my watercolour palette. This is my Mijello Fusion Airtight/Leakproof palette that holds 18 different colours but mostly it is wonderful because of the mixing area which is quite big.

Ce matin je me suis réveilllée avec des frissons et quand j’ai ouvert la porte pour faire sortir le chien je savais que la grippe me guettait. J’ai décidé de nettoyer ma palette d’aquarelles qui en avait bien besoin car j’avais au moins 1/3 de mes couleurs que je n’utilise jamais. Ceci est ma palette Mijello Fusion qui est très bonne car la surface de mélange est très grande et bien lisse et peut contenir jusqu’à 18 couleurs.

Colours: 1. W&N Indigo, 2. Sch. Prussian Blue, 3. W&N French Ultramarine, 4. W&N Cobalt Blue, 5. W&N Cerulean Blue, 6. DS Serpentine Genuine, 7. DS Chrinacridone Gold, 8. W&N Raw Sienna, 9. W&N Burnt Umber, 10. W&N Burnt Sienna, 11. DS Chrinacridone Burnt Orange, 12. DS Mayan Violet, 13. DS Alizarin Crimson, 14. DS Cadmium Red, 15. W&N Red Madder Genuine, 16. DS New Gambodge, 17. W&N Cadmium Yellow, 18. W&N Aureolin Yellow.




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