WordPress Login

If you are interested in commenting on my website, there are a few easy steps that you need to take. I find that this is the easiest way of becoming a subscriber. Here goes…



1. You need to click at the bottom of the image that you wish to comment on. You will need to click on “Leave a comment”

Now you need to login to be able to post a comment. However, the first time that you do this, you will be asked to “Register” a username and an email account. You will do this.

2. Click on “Login” and a popup window will appear.

3. This popup window appears once you click on “Login” and the first time you will need to click on “Register”. Once you have become a subscriber, this step will not be needed anymore.













4. The first time that you register, you will put in a username of your choice, and then your email address. WordPress will then send you an email to your email account, and give you a temporary password to login. There is also a CAPTCHA Anti Spam section that you need to fill-out… just look at the letters (in caps or lower case) and numbers, and repeat the same numbers.

5.  In your Email account, you will then receive an email with your email address and your password information.The password is WordPress that has generated it for you.






6. Now you will click on the blue link at the bottom which will bring you back to the login page. You will enter your username with the password that WordPress generated for you.














7. You will then be guided to your Profile page, where you will be able to change your password and generate your own.


8. Final step, change your password at the bottom of your Profile page. You will be asked to write it twice.


Voilà! Now you will simply need to put in your Username and password anytime that you wish to comment -))) And no worries, I or no one else, can see your password.