21 days :: 21 jours

Today is the first day of December and my hopes of seeing the days grow longer are getting closer… the winter solstice, or Midwinter, is on December 21! For those of you who do not live in the northern hemisphere, we are a weather oriented people. Every day we look outside, we turn on the TV to the weather channel, listen to the predictions… at the moment, our brooke is frozen solid, a sure sign of winter. The winter solstice is the time at which the Sun is at its southernmost point in the sky. This means that at noon, the shadows are at their longest in the year -) If the sun is out, I will be painting the shadows as they are gorgeous —  I will be there!!!

Usually I paint “live”, and usually sitting in my car. However, for these past few weekends, where my job requires me to correct and prepare for most of the weekend, I have not had the time to paint “live”. So if you are wondering where this is, I have no clue, except that it is somewhere on the East Coast in North America (a note to myself: when I find photographs on the web, I should note where they were taken, if the info is available).

En cette première journée de décembre, mes esprits se réveillent car les journées vont recommencer à allonger à partir du 21 décembre, le solstice d’hiver. C’est à ce moemnt que les ombres sont le plus long à midi, donc à leurs plus beaux. Je vais être au rendez-vous! Oui!!!

Habituellement je peins de mon automobile “live” et j’évite de peindre de photos. Mais les dernières semaines, prise dans le tourbillon de corrections et de préparation de cours, je n’avais que le temps de peindre de photos. Donc si vous vous demandez où est ce phare, je n’ai pas d’idée… autre que sur la côté est en Amérique du Nord.

Paper: Larolan Sketchbook #10


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