Kamouraska Lighthouse :: Phare de Kamouraska

Try to paint canvases that will show how interesting the landscape is to you — your pleasure in the thing. Wit.
— The Art Spirit by Robert Henri

The Kamouraska lighthouse is something! In front of the majestic St. Lawrence River, facing the Massif mountain and Charlevoix, its beauty is unique and still unknown by many. The village of Kamouraska is quaint, can easily be walked its full width and length and has some fabulous artisanal/culinary shops where they make, bake, cook and create regional delicacies & crafts. I am definitely going back there next summer -)

For once I can say that I am happy with my painting… this is a rare feat. Usually I have to wait until the following morning to have a sense of detachment and be able to judge it as if the painting belonged to someone else. I tell myself: “If someone else had painted this, would you be able to appreciate it?” When Robert Henri says that we must “love” the subject of our painting, he is so right!

Voici le phare de Kamouraska  (dans un petit village avoisinant) qui est situé sur le majestueux fleuve St-Laurent et faisant face à Charlevoix et le mont Massif. Quelle vue et paix! Le village de Kamouraska est un petit village où il fait bon marcher, sentir l’air salin, visiter les boutiques et restos où ils font, cuisinent, inventent, pêchent, produisent de tout, et de haute qualité artisanale. Je vais y retourner l’été prochain!

Pour une fois que je suis contente tout de suite après avoir fini une peinture… celle-ci je l’aime. Elle me rappelle de bons souvenirs, et pendant que je la peignais, je savais que je l’aimerais… quand Robert Henri dit qu’on doit tout d’abord “aimer” notre sujet, il a tellement raison! Une autre leçon pour moi… si le sujet me laisse indifférente, il vaut mieux ne pas le peindre…

Paper: Hank•book Travelogue series
Colours: New Gambodge, Burnt Sienna, Winsor Red & Cobalt Blue
Fountain Pen: Pilot Penmanship EF
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey


4 thoughts on “Kamouraska Lighthouse :: Phare de Kamouraska

  1. i love the way the building stands out from the rest of the piece. like you focused in on it and just washed the rest in.


    1. Hello Stacey! You are right! This is exactly what I did — thank you for your nice comment and knowing what I had done — yeah!


    1. Thank you Shari — I am glad that you like it as it reminded me of your workshop way back in Kamouraska -) Yes that transparency in the door, I am very proud of!


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