Amarone II

You know that I am extremely busy when I publish a value sketch instead of a finished painting… the reason is that I am nearing the end of the semester and I have been correcting non-stop every weekend for the past 3 weekends and will continue doing so for, it seems, eternity -).

This is my brothers’ sailboat, a CS Merlin 36, which I plan on painting from a photograph. I used Payne’s Grey to evaluate the tonal values, about 3 (from light to dark) and plan on the composition of the painting. I am hoping to paint it some time soon. This is a very good way of planning a painting.

Vous savez que je suis très occupée quand je publie un sketch en valeurs de tons au lieu d’une peinture. Par contre, je dois dire que c’est un très bon exercice à faire pour planifier une peinture, car j’évalue les valeurs de tons de l’image ainsi que la composition… un deux en un -)

Paper: Hand•book Travelogue 5″ x 5″
Colours: Payne’s Grey
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Fountain Pen: Pilot Penmanship EF

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