Things from the past :: Ces choses du passé

I would never have guessed that painting would have shown me what I truly love… I had not realized that I love old barns as much as I do. I think that in general I like old stuff as my house is filled with miscellaneous items that go way back in the past, in remembrance of those who have passed or because of their historical or genealogical significance… sometimes simply because of their beauty. Nowadays I find that old barns, and old houses are disappearing at an alarming rate and being replaced by clapboard. Yikes!

I have been using alot of Aureolin Yellow lately as I find that this is about the only yellow that I have that does not muddy my greens… New Gambodge has a red undertone, and muddies my greens… and the other yellow that I have is Cadmium Yellow Light, which is opaque, and have not played with it enough for me to comment. Is there another yellow that you would recommend?

Je ne savais pas que la peinture était pour me montrer que j’aime les vieilles granges… de toutes sortes. Heu! Je pourrais dire qu’en général j’aime les veilles choses, pour le souvenir qu’ils me rapportent pour ceux que j’ai aimés ou bien pour leur valeur historique ou généalogique ou simplement à cause de leur beauté. Pour mes dernières peintures, j’ai utilisé le Aureolin Yellow car il fait de très beaux verts… à comparer du New Gambodge qui a des sous-tons de rouge qui brouillent les verts, et aussi le Cadmium Yellow Light, mais étant donné qu’il est opaque, et que j’aime la transparence dans mes peintures, je ne l’utilise pas. Avez-vous une couleur jaune que vous utilisez fréquemment que vous aimez?

Paper: Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Fountain Pen: Pilot FlexiGrip EF
Colours: Burnt Sienna, Indigo and Aureolin Yellow