Restaurant Casseau Blanc Restaurant

A pencil drawing at the Restaurant Casseau Blanc in Valleyfield. I do not know why, but I am not very attracted to pencil drawings… I guess that it is because I have never done much of these. So I am giving them a try, to see how it goes… This was done in the Hand•book Sketchbook which the Avenue des Arts owner gave me, and I truly appreciate it… it’s quality is very good.

Un dessin au crayon graphite… je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je ne suis pas beaucoup attirée par les crayons graphite — peut-être à cause que j’en ai fait très peu? Donc je me pousse à en faire et à expérimenter, pour au moins mieux comprendre ce médium, qui pour certains, semble exquis!  Ceci a été dessiné dans un Hand•book Sketchbook que le propriétaire du magasind d’arts Avenue des Arts m’a donné et que j’apprécie beaucoup.

Sketchbook: Handbook Landscape
Pencil: Graphite 2B

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Casseau Blanc Restaurant

  1. I really love your “simple” contrasts in this common setting. Isn’t it amazing how the elements of line and shading are so expressive?


    1. Hello Kathryn,
      thank you Kathryn! I am happy that you like this, and it is true that the elements of line and shading give an interesting output… thank you for looking at this with your eyes as mine are sometimes very critical — LOL -)


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