THAT is service :: Ça c’est du service

I wanted to talk about a small fine arts store in Westmount in Montreal named Avenue des Arts on Victoria Street. Nowadays, many of the old stores have closed their doors because of competition from the mega stores, like Michaels, Omer De Serres and the WalMarts of this world. Last week I needed to buy a few items, and I went to Michaels in Vaudreuil-Dorion. After 30 minutes of looking up and down the aisles I gave up as there was not one sale clerk in view. I went to ask the cashier where they were and she did not know… this is the state of service in these mega stores these days. However, at Avenue des Arts in Westmount, it is exactly the opposite. I went there with a friend of mine and the minute that we arrived we were greeted with a huge smile. Then he offered to help us. I had a list of items, that he picked for me and explained to me the significant differences and different circumstances for these items. He stopped to answer the phone and came back right afterwards. Then in the end, he asked me if I knew of these Hand•book drawing sketchbooks and I said that I had not tried the drawing ones. He said: “Which colour do you like?” I answered: “Red?” He then pointed and asked: “Landscape or portrait?” and I answered: “Landscape?”. He gave it to me! And when he had added up all of my items, he added a rebate. I have been a loyal client with Omer De Serres for almost 30 years now… and never did anyone ever offer me any type of rebate nor given me anything for free! When we left the store, my friend said: “Well, THAT is service!”… and I wholeheartedly agree. This painting was done in the sketchbook that he gave me, and I really like the quality. It is a drawing sketchbook but it took the watercolours very well too -)

Je voulais parler d’un magasin pour les beaux-arts qui s’appelle Avenue des Arts sur la rue Victoria à Westmount et parler de leur excellent service qu’ils offrent. Leur service est exactement le contraire du service qui est offert dans les mégas magasins comme les Michael, WalMart et Omer de Serres de ce monde. Dans ces magasins de grande surface il est souvent bien difficile de parler avec un commis et même d’en trouver un… ça m’est arrivée la semaine passée chez Michaels à Vaudreuil-Dorion… impossible de trouver un commis pendant 30 minutes de temps! J’ai reviré de bord, me promettant de ne plus jamais remettre les pieds à cet endroit. Ça fait 30 ans que je magasine chez Omer de Serres et jamais qu’ils ne m’ont offert quoique ce soit gratuit ou un rabais. Donc pour revenir au magasin Avenue des Arts, quand nous sommes arrivées, nous avons été accueillies par un grand sourire et tout de suite il nous a demandé si il pouvait nous aider. Avec ma liste en mains, il a tout ramassé ce dont j’avais de besoin en plus d’explications bien intéressantes sur les produits. À la fin, il m’a demandée: “Quelle est votre couleur préférée?” et moi j’ai répondu: “Rouge?” Ensuite il me demande si je préfère l’orientation portrait ou panoramique? et j’ai répondu: “panoramique?” Eh bien, il m’a donné un beau livret pour croquis en plus de nous donner un rabais sur tous les achats. En sortant du magasin ma chum s’est exclamée: “Ça c’est du SERVICE!” et je suis tout à fait d’accord avec elle. Donc cette peinture a été fait dans son cahier qui est d’une bien belle qualité et que j’aime bien.

Paper: hand•book journal co. :: pocket landscape 3.5″ x 5.5″ :: travelogue series
Colours: Aureolin Yellow, Schminke Cerulean and Q. Burnt Orange
Fountain Pen: Twisbi Mini Classic
Ink: Noodlers #41 Brown


2 thoughts on “THAT is service :: Ça c’est du service

  1. This is beautiful. The store sounds wonderful as well. I shop at a local Utrecht, which was just bought out by the large Dick Blick retailer. I must say I get great service there, and coupon discounts as well. :)


    1. Hi Judy,
      I have heard from so many people that do not have a good fine art store near them– so by having one, we seem to be very lucky ladies — thank you for your nice comment -)


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