Bonsecour Market :: Marché Bonsecour

For the Urban Sketchers workshop today we first drew in Place Jacques-Cartier and then moved on in front of the Marché Bonsecour. This building was built in 1860, was used as the main public market in those years, then housed City Hall, then the parliament of United Canada, and nowadays acts as a multi-purpose facility, with exhibition rooms, houses outside cafés, boutiques and restaurants. As you can see I did not have the time to scan my painting properly and just photographed it, thus the edges. I really struggled with my colours today… as I did not have the colours in my eyes. It is a strange thing to say, but some days you automatically know which colours to use, is almost instinctual. However, I have to say that my drawing went well… so I am happy with it! Pour l’atelier d’aujourd’hui, nous sommes allés à la Place Jacques-Cartier, et ensuite face au Marché Bonsecour en après-midi. Ce marché date de 1860 et fait partie du patrimoine québécois et canadien.  Aujourd’hui je n’avais pas la couleur dans mes yeux… c’est peut-être drôle à dire, mais quand je l’ai, je sais instinctivement quelles couleurs que je dois mettre, où, comment et pourquoi. Aujourd’hui mon dessin a bien été, mais les couleurs… ouf! C’est pas grave, car je suis quand même contente du résultat. Colours: Yellow Ochre, French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna Paper: Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook 20130803_MarchéBonsecour

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