Last painting of Kamouraska :: Dernière peinture de Kamouraska

— June 7, 2013 :: Kamouraska —
This is the last full painting that I did in Kamouraska. This took place behind the Restaurant L’Amuse-Bouche in the morning. I started by putting in a wash of yellow merging into crimson and then merging into blue. In the morning the islands seem to be floating on top of the estuary and at night they seemed to be sinking… what a wonderful show that our beautiful planet creates for us!

Voici la dernière peinture que j’ai peinte à Kamouraska. Elle a été peinte juste en arrière du restaurant L’Amuse-Bouche. J’ai commencé par mettre un lavis de jaune, rouge et bleu. Au matin, les îles dans l’estuaire semblaient flotter par-dessus l’eau et en soirée elles semblaient se noyer… quel spectacle que notre belle planète nous donne!

Paper: Fabriano Artistico Cold Pressed 12″ x 10″


4 thoughts on “Last painting of Kamouraska :: Dernière peinture de Kamouraska

  1. Jane, I feel exactly as Louise does — your work seems to be getting stronger and stronger and more confident each day! I really love this particular painting – those “isles flottantes” and also the free way you painted the rocks in the foreground. Bravo!


    1. Wow! Thank you so much Beth — as we were in an intensive 4 day workshop, I think that something clicked during that time — I appreciate your comment!


  2. Jane, c’est incroyable, vos aquarelles sont de plus en plus belles, et plus fortes aussi!
    These results are encouraging me to work more, i mean to work more regularly.


    1. Merci Louise — c’est vrai qu’avec la pratique, on ne peut que s’améliorer. Je vous encourage à prendre votre pinceau ;-) merci pour votre commentaire qui est toujours apprécié.


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