Kamouraska, here I come :: Kamouraska, j’arrive!

I love clouds! I keep gazing at them and seeing forms appearing… and today the clouds were totally awesome. I think that they were cumulus, but I am not sure. I first sketched in pencil the outline of the clouds, then went in to put in a tad of detail, and then took my watercolours. Clouds are difficult to paint.

We are leaving for Kamouraska to paint for one whole incredible week… can you imagine? Nothing else to do or worry about? Shari is giving a workshop and I can’t wait ;-) I might not be able to post anything for the whole week as there is no internet access. So my next blog might only be in one week’s time! I am bringing my book “Kamouraska” by Anne Hébert. Excerpt from Amazon… A classic of Canadian literature by the great Quebecoise writer, Kamouraska is based on a real nineteenth-century love-triangle in rural Quebec. Translated into seven languages, Kamouraska won the Paris book prize and was made into a landmark feature film by Claude Jutra.

Je pars dimanche matin pour Kamouraska pour peindre pendant une semaine de temps… quel luxe! Nous partons trois femmes ensemble, et rejoignons 9 autres peintres. On s’est loué une superbe maison au bord de l’estuaire avec un balcon qui fait tout le tour de la maison et est directement sur la rive. Il se peut que je ne puisse pas blogger car nous n’aurons pas accès à l’internet. Je vais vous revenir avec plein de peintures de Kamouraska! J’apporte mon livre de Kamouraska écrit par Anne Hébert pour lire en cet endroit idyllique. 

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Pen: Pilot Flexi Grip EF
Colours: Cadmium Blue, Aureolin Yellow and Alizarin Crimson