Even though the temperature was beautiful and warm today, I could not go out and sketch on location or “plein air” as I did not have the time. So here is my take on a trio of beautiful red roses (you have to imagine the colour — LOL). I wanted to mention that the Moleskine Sketchbooks are wonderful with a fountain pen for drawing. Today I used my Sailor EF Fountain Pen with Lexington Gray Ink and it glides on the pages.  If you like drawing with fountain pens, this paper is fabulous for this.

Je n’ai pas eu le temps de sortir et peindre en plein air aujourd’hui… donc je vous offre trois roses… vous devez vous imaginer leur couleur… rouge profond! Par contre, je voulais spécifier que si vous aimez dessiner avec des plumes fontaines, les carnets  sont incroyables car l’encre glisse comme du beurre sur ce paper. 

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Pen: Sailor EF


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