Rainy Days :: Journées pluvieuses

This past week has been quite rainy and cold in our Quebec area. I always remind myself that April Showers bring May Flowers and this past April was very dry… so nature needs tons of water at the moment as we went through April with no rain — we had a snowstorm, but no rain! I have been going to Montreal quite often these past few weeks and it is quite incredible to realize that Montrealers or should I say, city dwellers, have no inkling if there has been too much or too little water.

Here is a partial view of our settee in the living room. It can sit three people, but should ideally be used for lying down to read a book or just have a catnap. I read this afternoon as the weather has been rainy… Rainy days have their own personalities and if you adapt, they give you perfectly languid days.

Last week I received my TWSBI Mini fountain pen and it is awesome. It holds tons of ink, feels very comfortable in the hand, has the cap that screws at the top of the pen to give it balance, and glides like butter in the Moleskine Sketchbooks and mostly, the ink always flows… never stops! On top of that, you do not have to buy a converter… everything comes included… except the ink. For the price of 55 US$, it is very very good.

La dernière semaine a été plutôt pluvieuse et froide au Québec, qui est très bénéfique pour la nature, car elle est en grand manque d’eau. Quand je regarde la cime des arbres, tout indique qu’on est tout près d’une grande sécheresse. Pourtant à la météo, les météorologues s’empressent de dire comment le soleil et la chaleur vont revenir bientôt… comme si la pluie était vue comme la peste ou pire encore… pourtant, elles devraient être les premières personnes à indiquer les bénéfices de la pluie… on vit dans un monde tout à l’envers… selon moi évidemment!

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Ink: Noodlers #41 Brown

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