Restaurant Hamelin

Every little village in Quebec has its junk food haven… and in Rigaud, it is the Restaurant Hamelin. Good, cheap and fast… and clean! I painted this after successfully ruining three other paintings… I have alot of trouble painting without ink lines. So I painted a very quirky looking restaurant ;-)

Chaque petit village au Québec semble avoir son restaurant de patates frites… et Rigaud a son Restaurant Hamelin. Cheap, bon et rapide. En plus, dois-je mentionner que c’est propre? J’ai peint ce resto après avoir réussi à ruiner trois autres peintures sans lignes… j’ai besoin de pratique!

Paper: Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook
Ink: Noodlers #41 Brown
Colours: Cobalt Blue, Rose Madder, New Gambodge & Burnt Umber


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