To change sketchbooks… or not? :: Changer de cahier croquis… ou pas?

Last night I took a picture of my red onion and garlic head… and waking up this morning I was not happy with the result. So I decided to scan it properly this time instead of taking a picture and here it is… the graininess has disappeared from the low ambiance lighting when I took the picture. Much better (the scan… not the painting — humph!) I am encountering some problems with the present sketchbook that I am using as it does not lie flat on the scanner surface… thus the grey shadows on the left hand side of this picture.  I should just discard this sketchbook and go back to my Moleskine or Larolan sketchbooks as they are wonderful to paint on… but I can’t. I need to finish this one before moving onwards… is it worth it? It seems that I do not want to quit it after having already started with it… humph! Are you like me or would you gladly change sketchbooks at this point in time? What do you think?

Hier soir j’ai pris une photo de ma peinture au lieu de la numériser car le cahier croquis que j’utilise en ce moment ne s’ouvre pas plat sur la surface de la vitre… donc les ombres grises sur le côté gauche de cette photo. Le résultat numérisé est meilleur que la photo que j’ai prise hier soir par contre car il y a moins de grains “poussière” dû au fait de la faible lumière ambiante. Je devrais simplement arrêter de peindre dans ce cahier croquis et prendre soit un Moleskine ou un Larolan que j’aime tant et garder celui-ci pour des tests de couleurs, mais il me semble que quand je commence de quoi, je dois le finir. Je suis bien drôlement faite… Humph! Est-ce que vous changeriez de cahier tout de suite ou vous feriez comme moi et attendre?


6 thoughts on “To change sketchbooks… or not? :: Changer de cahier croquis… ou pas?

  1. Oh good, I’m glad to hear you decided to switch! Long ago I used to hoard my “good” paper and supplies, because I hated wasting things too, but finally my mother pushed me to use the best I could afford, and offered to buy supplies if I needed them; now I do it for myself. I really enjoy your blog and like your subjects too!


  2. My thought about the sketchbook is this — it is causing you unnecessary frustration, distracting you from your art processes. Why would you honor the obligation to finish it at such a personal cost?
    Most importantly,
    I think your subject(s) are charming and quirky. I love them. Thank you for persisting in getting the photo/scan for sharing.


    1. Thank you Verla — I totally agree! I have decided to let go of it… it must be my “cheap/environmental” side that is trying to get the better of moi. I hate wasting but now I will use it to do my colour tests which I have been wanting to do for quite awhile now. Thank you so much for the positive feedback Verla ;-)


  3. Hi Beth — you are right! I am going to change sketchbooks and keep this one for testing out colours ;-) it must be really nice to make your own… One of these days I will. Thank you for your advice — I feel liberated! Yeah! Doesn’t take too much to make me happy, huh?


  4. Jane, I’ve stopped using sketchbooks at all, but just use a sheaf of cut sheets of paper I like, held with rubber bands between two stiff boards. That way I don’t get stuck and have more choice, though it isn’t quite as convenient as a sketchbook. I also always photograph my finished work rather than using the scanner, but this necessitates an extra steps of putting the files into the computer and opening them in PhotoShop for some minor adjustments. I’ve always done this for everything – photos and drawings or whatever – that I post on my blog so it’s become a fast process; I do it because it gives me the most control. But as for your question – you put a lot of effort into your drawings, and it’s a drag to struggle with your materials. My feeling is that if the new sketchbook is holding you back or causing problems – which can be psychological too – we need to enjoy the thought of using our materials – you should switch to something you really like.


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