“Pick me, pick me!” said the crutch… — «Choisis-moi» a dit la béquille

It seems as though I have painted or drawn everything that there is to draw in my house and as my eyes were perusing my environment this morning, they fell upon my crutch that has  stoically been with me for two months now… always there, always ready to do the job. It cried out: “Pick me, pick me!” and lo and behold I realized that I had never painted it even though it has been a big part of my life for awhile now. So here it is.

If you feel like joining me tomorrow Sunday April 28th, the Urban Sketchers of Montreal are gathering at the Atwater Market for 10:00 am… they are announcing plenty of sunshine, so it should be perfect for sketching. Here is the LINK and information.

Il me semble que j’ai peint ou dessiné tout ce qu’il y a à dessiner dans ma maison…. jusqu’à ce matin, quand mes yeux se sont reposés sur ma béquille. La béquille qui me suit depuis deux mois, qui est toujours là disponible et fiable. Elle m’a criée du bout du salon: “Choisis-moi, choisis-moi” a dit la béquille. Donc la voici!

Demain matin, dimanche le 28 avril, les Sketchers urbains de Montréal se regroupent au Marché Atwater pour 10 heures. Si ça vous tente ou chante, venez-nous rejoindre. Voici le LIEN et l’information nécessaire.