Sugar Bush Time :: Le temps des sucres est arrivé

My spouse drilled a hole in one of our maple trees this morning, and the sap is running fast. It is officially sugar bush time, and my heart is glad… a very long and cold winter that we have had this year. Today was a very grey day in Rigaud. I did not have to jump in the car today as this is right on my lot and I painted this with some of my favourite colours: New Gambodge, French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. These three colours give such a rich diversity of tones… I may have gone a little tipsy over these today. Also, today I started a new Moleskine Sketchbook which I had not used since August as I was working with other sketchbooks and 1/8th size sheets… and I realized today, as I was painting on this wonderful paper, how much that I had missed it. It felt like coming home to something that you love.

Mon conjoint a drillé un trou dans un de nos érables et l’eau de sucre coule à flot dans la chaudière. Mon coeur est très content car l’hiver a été long avec beaucoup de neige et de froid. Quand l’eau coule, le printemps est à nos portes. J’ai utilisé mes couleurs préférées: New GambodgeFrench Ultramarine et Burnt Sienna. Le mélange de ces trois couleurs donne des tons riches et lumineux en même temps. J’ai aussi commencé un autre carnet Moleskine car depuis août passé j’expérimentais avec d’autres carnets et papiers, et c’est tellement exquis de peindre sur un papier qu’on aime.

Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Pen: Pilot Flexigrip
Moleskine Watercolor Notebook



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