Poutte poutte poutte que désirez-vous?

Here is an iconic family restaurant that has been part of  the Quebec landscape since 1951 and was founded by Hélène and René Léger who setup their first restaurant on St. Hubert street in Montreal… they make delicious roasted chicken. In 2010 it had 108 restaurants and 9000 employees.

Usually malls are packed full of cars and people walking to and fro and I had decided to paint the cars and the people in… but suddenly I stopped to let this still landscape speak on its own. Very strange to see a mall with no cars or people walking. I do not know why, but I tend to avoid painting cars and people walking. Maybe that it is because they are hard to paint?

Voici le restaurant St-Hubert BBQ qui est un icône du paysage québécois et fut fondé en 1951 par Hélène et Roger Léger. Leur premier restaurant prit place sur la rue St-Hubert à Montréal. En 2010 ils avaient 108 restaurants et 9000 employés. 

Habituellement un centre d’achats est plein d’automobiles et de personnes qui marchent et c’était bien mon intention de les insérer dans cette peinture… quand soudainement j’ai arrêté pour regarder et l’atmosphère d’un centre d’achats sans autos ni personnes fut très prenante… donc j’ai décidé de la laisser comme telle.

Painting inspired from a photograph
Paper: Larolan Sketchbook
Watercolours: Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith & Schminke
Colours: New Gambodge, Cerulean Blue Tone, Burnt Umber, Rose Madder Genuine and Winsor Red
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Pen: Pilot Flexigrip



2 thoughts on “Poutte poutte poutte que désirez-vous?

    1. Hi Liliane,
      do you really think so? They would need a sense of humour in a way — maybe that they would be ready to exchange it with a roast chicken? LOL! thank you for your comment Liliane, I appreciate it!


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