Just A House :: Juste une maison

Here is a house on my street. I painted this in the Larolan sketchbook, which I still find sublime. It is amazing just how much water this paper can take, considering that it is not very thick. For this painting I wet the sky with a wet brush (no watercolour). Then I added my colour. This gives a gradient effect, instead of putting in patches of colour.

Voici une maison sur ma rue. J’ai pris un pinceau plein d’eau (sans aquarelle), et j’ai mouillé mon ciel à grandeur. Ensuite j’ai mis ma couleur, et cette technique a donné un effet de dégradé. Ce qui me surprend toujours est la qualité du papier Larolan, qui est assez mince, peut recevoir beaucoup d’eau. Je trouve toujours ce papier sublime.


4 thoughts on “Just A House :: Juste une maison

  1. Jolie composition! Est-ce que tu pourrais redonner les coordonnées pour le papier Larolan? Il semble vraiment très bien absorber l’aquarelle!!


  2. You managed to do a great job painting or rather not painting the snow. This is my favourite so far, and BTW thank you for the tip on the Larolan sketchbook. I got it yesterday and am madly in love today. What a book! But this watercolor is truly beautiful Jane!


    1. Ohhh! I am so glad that you like the Larolan paper… It is surprisingly good even though it is not very thick. And it has many pages so it lasts a long time . Thanks for your comment on the snow ;-)


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