Banana Day & Paper Tryouts

I really struggled with my bananas today as I had to sketch them four times in order to get one that was satisfactory. The first one that I sketched was on Arches paper, which was the first time for me, so I needed some adapting to the paper. Then my second sketch was on Fabriano, another adjustment. My third and fourth ones were on Bockingford paper. I do not know which one I liked best up to now, but I think that the Fabriano went very well. The only reason that I used so many different types of paper was because these are the only ones that I have. A new discovery for me… New Gambodge is “the” banana colour. I really like it when I can identify a colour to something that is real… so now I know. New Gambodge=Bananas ;-)

J’ai réussi cette peinture au bout de quatre essais sur différentes sortes de papier. Ma première peinture de bananes a été fait sur du paper Arches, ma deuxième sur du Fabriano et mes deux dernières sur du Bockingford. Je crois que j’ai préféré le Fabriano, mais je ne suis pas certaine. Une chose que j’ai aimé découvrir est que la couleur New Gambodge est la couleur des bananes. J’aime bien quand je suis capable d’associer quelque chose de concret avec une couleur. Donc New Gambodge=Bananes ;-)

Paper: Bockingford 130 lbs
Watercolours: Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith
Colours: New Gambodge, Aureolin Yellow, Burnt Umber, Serpentine Green  and French Ultramarine


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