Old Rigaud House :: Vieille maison de Rigaud

Here is a sketch of an old Rigaud house with beautiful architecture. However, I had to draw it about 7 times in order to make this sketch happen… everything was skewed and disproportionate. So this is the beginning, I hope, of a painting that I will produce very soon.

J’ai recommencé ce croquis environ 7 fois, pour finalement arriver à ceci, qui n’est qu’un début. Il y a de ces journées que la coordination entre les yeux, la main et le cerveau fonctionnent mieux, ou moins bien.

Paper: Small Moleskine Sketchbook
Ink: Noodler’s Lexington Grey
Pen: Pilo Flexigrip Extra Fine


2 thoughts on “Old Rigaud House :: Vieille maison de Rigaud

  1. OMG… finally someone that communicates with me? It feels that I have been writing and painting in a virtual void — or for deep outer space — LOL ;-) as hardly anyone comments. Many views, but no one comments. So thank you Liliane, I appreciate it!


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