Tools of the Trade :: Outils de peinture

Since this morning I have been quite busy organizing myself… reorganizing my colours in the Daniel Smith Travel Palette, cleaning them up, creating a color wheel, cleaning my fountain pens and really trying to figure out the “best” system for painting in my painting studio, aka my kitchen counter ;-)))

Depuis ce matin je suis en train de réorganiser, nettoyer et refaire mes couleurs d’aquarelle. J’ai aussi mis les outils (plume fontaine) et pinceaux que j’utilise pour dessiner et peindre. Une autre fois je parlerai des papers disponibles pour l’aquarelle. Ces photos ont été prises dans mon atelier de peinture… ma cuisine!

So I thought that some of you may like knowing what I draw and paint with…  First picture is the open Daniel Smith Travel Palette after cleaning it today, with both of its mixing areas open. The second picture is with one of the mixing areas closed with a view of my colour chart.




The arrows in my colour wheel follow the direction (from left to right) for my colour chart in my Daniel Smith palette.


1. Winsor & Newton —  Series 7 — Sable brush #10;
2. Omer De Serres, squirrel #10;
3. Winsor & Newton — Series 7 — Sable brush #5;
4. Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen, 1.1 mm filled with waterproof black ink;
5. Carbon Pen extra fine filled with waterproof black carbon ink;
6. Pilot Flexigrip extra fine fountain pen filled with Noodlers’ Bulletproof Lexington Grey ink;
7. Sigma Pigma Micron .01 archival technical pen;
8. Lead Pencil, 2B;
9. Kneaded eraser.