Sketching :: Drawing from Observation

I love using the Small Moleskine Sketchbooks for drawing with ink, pencil and also painting with watercolours because of their small format… you can actually put it in your jean back pocket… they are so easy to carry around. If I had to use a bigger size like letter size or bigger, I would not have the courage to start — as it takes courage to start drawing, or painting or writing or doing anything that is creative. Drawing in small formats encourages us to draw, paint, write, etc. as it takes less time in our busy lives.

J’ai tellement hâte à mes vacances de Noël car j’ai l’intention de peindre à tous les jours, au lieu de trois fois par semaine. Peut-être que pour la journée de Noël même, quand la maison va être pleine à craquer, ça va être un peu difficile, mais je vais quand même essayer… ;-)

Paper: Small Moleskine Sketchbook (about 12$)
Pen: Pilot Flexi Grip EF (about 20$)
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Gray  (about 17$)

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