Pyper’s Collar

This painting was done in a Moleskine Sketchbook… this paper is not a watercolour paper as it probably has many coats of glazing and is meant for sketching with pen or pencil… and when watercolour is applied to it, it “beads” or “pearls” down… which I really like. It has a grungy feeling as the paper does not absorb the paint, and lets it run down. If we want the paper to absorb the paint, we must “scrub” it in, which is entirely different from painting with watercolour paper. Anyway, I hope that you can at least recognize that this is my dog’s collar? On a foot stool? In a freestyle way… at least for moi?

Les couleurs que j’ai utilisées sont Bleu Cobalt, Burnt Sienna et New Gambodge.

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