Bird Nests :: Nids d’oiseaux

Here are Finch, Oriole and Robin nests. These three birds nest throughout Québec in the spring. As winter is upon us, the Oriole and Robin have left us for fairer climes (as well as many others). The chickadees, goldfinches, nuthatches, sapsuckers, hawks, falcons, owls and woodpeckers will keep us company during the harsh quebec winter, pecking at the tallow and feeding at our black sunflower seed stations.

This painting was done with Ecoline (from Holland) and on the bottle it says that it is transparent watercolour, but it is not like the usual watercolours that we buy in tubes that we mix on a palette. To me it has an ink quality, as you dip your brush directly in the bottle without any dilution. It gives nice intense colours.

Voici un nid de pinson, merle d’amérique et oréole de Baltimore. Pendant les durs mois de l’hiver québécois, les chardonnerets, mésanges, sitelles, pique-bois, éperviers, faucons, pics et chouettes vont nous tenir compagnie en picossant dans le suif et en dévorant les graines de tournesol noir. Les autres sont partis pour nous revenir au printemps.

Paper: Bond
Colours: Ecoline
Pen: Pigma Micron Black .03

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