100th Post :: 100e peinture publiée

Today is a special day as it is the day that I will post my 100th painting since I began this journey last May. Wow! I never thought that painting would carry me so far on this path. This is a journey that will be remembered for a very long time as I have met new sketching friends, learnt about the history of my region, created some good paintings and some very bad ones too (chuckle), participated in three workshops, joined the Urban Sketchers of Montreal and lastly, acquired a bit more knowledge about myself along the way. Many times I felt discouraged and thought that I was not good enough to continue and that I did not have the stamina to keep on going… but I did, and I am very proud of this. In addition, I discovered that my husband has a very good eye–when he loves a painting–this is a sure sign that many others will like it too–and he seems to be enjoying my journey, as it is also his in some way. I must give a special thanks to Shari who has been like a mentor… through her paintings, workshops and artistic ability, I was able to follow her steps–albeit very tiny steps. So thank you both, Shari & Marc for your generosity. I also learned that drawing 15 minutes a day is the key… that this will carry you through, make you look forward to that quiet time that painting gives you… as the 15 minutes goes a long way in improving your sketching skills, thus your painting skills.

The colours that were used in this painting are Payne’s Grey, Aureolin Yellow, Rose Madder Genuine and Burnt Orange.

Aujourd’hui est une journée spéciale… je vais publier ma 100e peinture depuis que j’ai commencé en mai dernier. Quelle aventure!… qui va rester graver dans ma mémoire pour bien longtemps car elle m’a tellement donnée. Elle m’a fait découvrir un autre monde que je ne connaissais pas. Elle m’a fait rencontrer des artistes qui sont devenus des amis de cet art, elle m’a permis de décrire l’histoire de ma région que j’aime de plus en plus. J’ai peint de bonnes peintures–et des moins bonnes aussi–j’ai participé à trois ateliers et je me suis jointe aux Sketchers urbains de Montréal. J’ai surtout appris que l’important est de dessiner 15 minutes par jour et que le but n’est pas de créer des chefs d’oeuvre… et que d’accepter de peindre et de publier de moins bonnes peintures fait aussi partie de la voie du peintre. J’ai toujours hâte aux fins de semaine où je rejoins ma peinture et ses moments paisibles… juste commencer à faire une forme d’art, c’est ça l’important.

Paper: Stillman & Birn, Beta Series 180 lbs
Watercolours: Winsor & Newton Artist Series, Daniel Smith
Drawing: Carbon Ink with Carbon Ink Fountain Pen, Extra Fine

2 thoughts on “100th Post :: 100e peinture publiée

  1. Hi Shari, and thank you! Never thought that I would get to this and just realized it yesterday as my blog indicated that it would be my 100th. Yeah! Thank you Shari.


  2. Congratulations Jane. It is wonderful to be witness to your progress. This sketch is so perfect for your anniversary as I think it is one of the best you have done to date. Bravo and many, many more.


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