A Study in Drawing Trees

I have been struggling with  my trees… and I always seem to be making the same type of tree, thus I need to diversify my strokes. I decided to pick different types and textures of trees and try them out. I actually went on YouTube to look at some tutorials. This exercise was very illuminating and even though simple, very rewarding… for me. So here they are…

I think that my next study will be on clouds. The clouds have been so amazing in these past few weeks, that I need to take some time and really look at them and paint them.

J’ai dessiné ces arbres dans mon petit Moleskine Sketchbook, qui est en environ 3″ x 5″ plié. C’est une grandeur parfaite quand je vais au travail. Je suis toujours timide de dessiner ou peindre en-avant d’autres personnes, donc avec un tout petit cahier à esquisses, c’est moins apparent, ce qui fait bien mon affaire. Je trouvais que j’avais de la difficulté à dessiner des arbres, donc j’en ai fait un thème aujourd’hui.