Mon Village Restaurant & Pub… and Cobalt Blue

This rustic restaurant is a treat for the eyes and soul… it is packed seven days a week and has excellent food. A farm that was owned by the Seigneur de Lotbinière, it was bought in 1829 by the Thomas Parsons family, who had just arrived from Cumberland, England. In those years, Hudson Village was named the Cavagnal Concession. Rich people settled in Cavagnal along the Ottawa River (known as the Outaouais River nowadays) and the poorer immigrants settled in Côte St. Charles.

Ce restaurant rustique est plein à tous les jours de la semaine. Originalement une ferme détenue par le Seigneur de Lotbinière, elle fut achetée en 1829 par la famille de Thomas Parsons, arrivant de Cumberland, Angleterre. Dans ces années le village de Hudson était nommé la Concession Cavagnal et les immigrants aisés prenaient résidence le long de la rivière Ottawa (maintenant nommée la rivière Outaouais) et les plus pauvres prenaient résidence le long de la Côte St- Charles. La famille de John Hodgson est arrivée en 1819.

Today when I was painting I did something that was different. I decided to paint with a Cobalt Blue theme… meaning that ALL of my colours were mixed with some amount of Cobalt Blue in it. I find that the colours seem to be connected together, giving the painting a sense of unity.

Paper: Stillman & Birn
Watercolors: Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton
Pen: Carbon Ink Pen, EF. 

3 thoughts on “Mon Village Restaurant & Pub… and Cobalt Blue

  1. Thank you Linda. Sadly, I had to order the Stillman & Birn sketchbook from the USA. But next time I will trying to buy it in Toronto. I bought it from Hyatt… here is the link. I have the B series which is cold press, 180 lbs. I love it!


  2. Thank you Jane . It is very nice to read about Hudson and Rigaud and love your watercolor of Mon Village. Where did you buy your Stillman&Birn sketchbook?


    1. Hi Linda,

      just to let you know that I paid 19$ (I think for the sketchbook), but then UPS charged me an extra 24$ for the delivery of 2 sketchbooks. This is not Hyatt’s fault… and it was duty taxes. So this is why that next time that I will try ordering either in Toronto or Vancouver. Too bad that we do not have a store in Mtl that carries this line of beautiful paper.


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