Test Driving Fountain Pens

Last night I had fun as I received my new Extra Fine Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen that I ordered on the web from JetPens.com and I had to give it a test drive, right? So I sat down and drew everything that my eyes fell upon. I love it! It is very very fine, and I love it when the lines are thin as opposed to heavy. I also think that this kind of scribbling away, or test-driving situations, are important for anyone that likes to draw and wants to improve their skills. It does not matter if you get it wrong… for every good painting that I do, I have at least three bad ones. But hey! When I started drawing, it took me five drawings to get one right. So I am slowly improving. So here they are…

Ensuite, j’ai dessiné une lampe de nuit qui vient de Tahiti — un cadeau d’un de mes voisins pour avoir entretenu son spa pendant leur séjour de 3 mois là-bas. Et c’est grâce à lui si nous avons un spa aussi car il nous a tellement donné le goût. Mon numériseur semble faire de la distorsion au centre… humph.


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