Head Games and Colour Quests

Since taking my watercolours out from the closet last May, I have been painting about 3 times a week. Usually on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, my colours have been changing in my head as I seem to use them in leaps and bounds — as some weeks I am in an Indigo mood, then the next week I completely forget Indigo and delve into Mayan Blue. Payne’s Gray is surely a winter colour as Mayan Violet, without question, is a summer colour.

So today, to balance out the colours in my head, and heart, I decided to paint a Colour Wheel, manipulating the colours that I already have in my palette. Only one colour was mixed from two other colours, and it is the purple at the bottom, which I created using Cobalt Blue with Cadmium Red Light.

Now as I look at my colour wheel, I can see that I have a net preference for warm colours as I have bought more… but ideally, I should have a balance between the cold colours (greens, blues, and purples) and the warm colours (yellows, oranges and reds). In the middle line, I have put the neutral colours.

So “I can see clearly now” my colours… there is a song that just popped into my head and its title evades me… ahhhh! being in the fifties sure has its moments ;-)