My Home in Rigaud

My husband has been pestering me for quite awhile now about painting our house. I personally thought that it would be good to wait until I improved my skills? But he kept repeating: “You’re always driving around trying to find interesting things to paint… your house is not interesting enough?” So… demured, I had to agree. So here it is.

My favourite colour has always been orange… and there is alot of Burnt Orange in this painting, which suits me fine as the house is this colour too… well the colour is cedar, but close enough.

Everything in this painting was going fine, until I got to the screen porch… how do you paint a black mosquitoe screen? Do you paint it black? No way… do you paint it blue? Maybe a disaster in the making? So I decided to paint it Vivianite (which is a neutral grey) but it did not work out at all. Everything was streaking though. This is when I realized that the Moleskine paper has a grain that prefers (if you are painting portrait-wise) that the paintbrush moves downwards. I was originally painting from left to right… argh! and this streaked the whole mosquitoe curtain. So then I decided to mix a new colour (Vivianite with Burnt Sienna) and then repainted downwards… and it worked. Well… to say that it worked is an exaggeration, but I am still happy that I managed to save this painting. It could have been much worse.

Also, I got very excited when one of my friends asked me to paint her house. This is the first time that anyone asks me to paint something for them, and I thought that it would be preferable if I practiced painting stone steps… as she has some. I am planning on going there on a weekend in autumn where the weather will be fine and the leaves will have started turning red… to add a bit of colour to the woods.