Sunday’s Crop… of Twigs

On weekends, weather permitting, I take the wheelbarrow and walk with Pyper on our lot, down the path that shadows our brook until we get to the point where the creek turns around and back towards the house. On our way back, we start picking up all of the little twigs, branchlets, sticks, shoots, and stems that lie across the trail that will make kindling for the fire. Sometimes the bigger branches end up as walking sticks for our guests, or as a poker for the fire. (Have you noticed that I say “we”? ‘Tis because Pyper is busy searching for twigs that lie at the bottom of the rivulet and brings them back out for me to play with him, and when I don’t, he just puts them on the trail for me to pick up — clean puppy ;-))).

At 4:00 pm I start the fire and I always end up with a huge mass of twigs that keep the fire going until around 6:00 pm. I love the smell & sound of burning wood. So here is Sunday’s crop — a wheelbarrow full of twigs and branches.