Habitat 67

Yesterday I did not know what to paint, so I asked my spouse Guy to pick from one of the many photographs that I took during the course of the summer. Well, lo and behold, he picked Habitat 67, a series of apartments that were built for  Expo 67. I would never have picked these buildings as the architecture is dizzyingly difficult to render. The architect, Moshe Safdie, an israeli-canadian, created these buildings for the Montreal World Fair “Man and His World” as part of his thesis project at McGill University.

Le thème “Terre des hommes” vient des mémoires de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry qui a aussi écrit “Le Petit Prince”. Ce projet d’architecture contient 148 condominiums et le but était de pré-fabriquer 354 formes identiques jumelées d’une façon pour assurer la vie privée des gens ainsi que de vivre dans un milieu naturel.  

Watercolours: W&N and DSmith
Paper: Moleskine
Pen: Lamy Joy

2 thoughts on “Habitat 67

  1. Wow! I actually have one person that has responded to this post — not many of those on my blog. Thank you Liliane… these are really hard buildings to do as the perspective is all skewed. Thank you for the compliment ;-)


  2. Jane this is the one I love the most. You seem to have developed a style that is quite illustrative and cartoony. (Compliment) it’s a sketch representing something we know but at the same time very fun and light. Love your strokes and light dabs of paint!


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