The Greatest Struggle

I think that the greatest struggle that I have as a painter is to choose “what” to paint and identifying the composition’s strong points. I often make mistakes, as I did for the following painting. What attracted me in this painting’s point of view was the Chinese building at the end of the road, fading into the horizon. Well — we can hardly see it and it is not the focal point of my painting. So next time I will draw thumbnails of different angles and points of view, to exercise my eye before starting to paint.

Je viens tellement excitée quand je trouve un endroit à peindre que je me précipite avec mes couleurs… et je devrais attendre et vraiment réfléchir avant à la composition. Voici le Quartier Latin de Montréal, où je passe très très souvent.

Fabriano Paper 140 lbs,
Watercolours W&N and DSmith
Technical Pen Sakura.