Westmount Conservatory :: Conservatoire de Westmount

During our workshop in Westmount Park, I painted the Conservatory but redid it yesterday as I was not satisfied with it. This is a better version but still lacking in some details. This Conservatory is very beautiful, I felt thrown back to the early 1900s when I entered… it reminded me of those classical period movies when women dressed in lacy dresses. My spouse Guy really likes this one, and I seem to remember that he is a better judge of my paintings than I am.

Mon conjoint Guy aime bien cette peinture du Conservatoire de Westmount. Il y a tellement de belles choses à voir dans ce parc. Cette journée-là quand nous étions en train de peindre les aquarelles, le système d’arrosage automatique a tout arrosé… saviez-vous que les peintures aquarelle au contact de l’eau disparaissent? L’eau peut laver une peinture en très peu de temps… hum! Nous nous sommes précipités pour sauver nos peintures… heureusement pas de dommages et ça nous a fait bien rire.


2 thoughts on “Westmount Conservatory :: Conservatoire de Westmount

  1. OMG! You are able to comment? I have been fiddling with this over the weekend and finally got it to work!!! Yeah Shari. I love the new paper (Fabriano 140 lbs) and yesterday I tried the lighter one (Arches lighter lbs) and I will post that one tomorrow. It had trouble taking many layers of wash, but I really liked the feel of it. I think that I prefer the Fabriano though, but I will have to buy the same weight to be able to compare. Yeah, the emails are working!!!


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