Lone Sailboat

The beauty of painting, unlike taking photographs, is that you can select what interests you (or omit) a few or many objects from the painting. This is what I learned from Marc Taro Holmes, a Montreal artist extraordinaire on his blog.

I selected the sailboat that seemed the most pleasing to my eye, out of a vast array of other sailboats, and made it the focal point of my painting… deleting all of the other sailboats in its mist as well as the array of poles that were criss-crossing, making it impossible for my untrained sailboat enthusiast eye to figure which one belonged to what…

Au Hudson Yacht Club il y a beaucoup de bateaux à voile, beaucoup plus que des bateaux à moteurs… en 2012 c’est une constatation qui est rafraîchissante à voir. Je suis très contente de mes arbres ainsi que de mon petit bateau à voile.