Candleholder, Eyes & Birdhouse

My drawing arm today felt stiff so I decided to draw a sequence of very very quick sketches. I used a Restating Method that makes you go over and over the same areas. I also did some Blind Contour Drawing, where you keep your eyes on the object as much as you can.

Then I painted my eyes looking sideways into the mirror and finally, my favourite birdhouse. For both paintings I mostly used Raw Umber and Yellow Ochre with some Indigo. I painted today on sketching paper instead of watercolour paper, just to try this out, and the paints do not flow well on this type of paper.
















J’ai ensuite décidé de dessiner mes yeux en me regardant de côté dans le miroir… mon nez est trop petit… humph!








Et finalement ma petite cabane d’oiseaux qui est sur ma table extérieure.

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