A Study in Colours :: Une étude de couleurs

I tried painting my wonderful dog Gimli-Pyper using the least amount of colours. I used for this Raw Umber and Raw Sienna with a bit of Indigo and a bit of Burnt Orange. This painting was done without the use of black lines… so this has a definite different feeling to it because of this. There is something that happened where he is sitting that I do not really understand what went on… there is a lake and a mountain that just sprung up… and no, it is not what you are thinking ;-)

Un essai en couleurs aujourd’hui. J’ai décidé de peindre avec une palette restreinte…. Ombre brut et Terre de sienne brut avec un  peu de Indigo et de Orange Brûlé, sans lignes de contours… c’est de valeur car mon numériseur ne capte pas bien les ombres ni les déliés de fond. Un autre investissement, une de ces belles journées d’été? Ou d’automne? Ou pour Noel?

2 thoughts on “A Study in Colours :: Une étude de couleurs

  1. Well, we still keep calling him Pyper, but often I call him Gimli because it seems as though the name is stuck in my brain… Sooo Guy and I have decided that our dogs would have 2 names… Ie: Gimli-Pyper… And we choose any name and he answers to all of them. He answers to:
    The King;
    He’s smart tgat dog!


  2. Jane – have you changed Pyper’s name to Gimly-Pyper? – looks good – must be happy that your Masters has been accepted and is finally finished – Bravo – very please for you – now you can
    relax & paint – see you soon.


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