You will not believe this, but I painted the Ste. Madeleine de Rigaud church again… for a third time. As I was not satisfied with the last two, I decided to set up my equipment in the little park this morning, right in front of it. It was really hot in the full sun, but it was also very interesting to watch all of the bikers passing in front of me. There were all types of bikers out there this morning… some mums with their kids in a bike basket, some heavy duty professional looking bikers, some old folks whistling around and pumping slowly and even some Harley Davidsons whizzing around… wonder what they were doing in this quiet little town? Anyway, here is the painting and I can say that I am satisfied with it — yeah!

Mon chum dit que je commence à en faire une obsession… peindre la même église trois fois? Il me regarde bien drôlement — mais moi  j’aime l’architecture de ces beaux monuments… et regarder comment la lumière crée ses ombres. Pour qu’une peinture soit intéressante, on a besoin d’ombres… donc pour qu’il y ait de l’ombre, il doit y avoir du soleil! Assez simple, huh? Et quand le monument est haut, eh bien les ombres sont hautes aussi? C’est logique, non? Donc mon chum n’a pas besoin de se gratter la tête en me regardant, huh? Voilà, c’est bien ça que je pensais!
Ce matin mon chum est venu me rejoindre avec le pitou et on a lunché dans le petit parc juste en face de l’église… beaucoup de cyclistes, des pros, des vieux, des mamans… toutes sortes dans ce petit village qui est Rigaud, qui est le mien que j’aime bien.

Painted in my Moleskin Watercolour Notebook 8.25″ x 5″
Pigma Micron .05 black pen
Combination of Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton watercolours.


About Jane Hannah

Canadian graphic artist, painter, sketcher, typographer, calligrapher and teacher at Cégep John Abbott College in Québec, Canada. Jane Hannah also has a website for her students at www.gimligraphics.com and a main blog at www.janehannah.com. She is also part of the Montreal Urban Sketchers.
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2 Responses to Obsession?

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Thank you Shari :: well yes I am happier with this version too ;-) The other ones I had really overpainted and overworked…


  2. This one looks really great Jane!


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