Really Hard

What is really hard is to post paintings that you think are not up to par… some say that it takes 10 paintings to get one right… some say that it is three. I  have been painting every day of the week, and the reasons that I discard most of my paintings are because they have lost their freshness, or because I simply have overworked them, or because my point of view was unidimensional, or because the sun was too hot ;-) and dried my paints too fast — you can see where I am getting at, huh?  There are way too many reasons why I should not post this painting.

So here it is.

Ça prend du courage, ou un brin de folie, ou un sens de l’humour pour poster une peinture que l’on croit incolore et inodore… la voici, la voilà! ;-)

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