Green Man

This is my Green Man. At my house we have approximately 3000 trees… some that are totally dead and essential for wildlife, some half dead and also essential for the birds, mushrooms, owls, bats, raccoons, deer, and the majority of them are healthy and thriving. My husband and I have this theory… why cut them if we do not have to? To have more lawn? Nah…They are there, so they stay. Lying down in my hammock this is “the” tree that is predominant–and the added bonus is that he is a Green Man–can you see his face?

Voici mon “homme vert”… le voyez-vous? Un homme vert (ou peut-être une femme) sont des arbres qui ont des traits humains… pouvez-vous le ou la voir? Moi je vois un homme… à qui dit mieux?

2 thoughts on “Green Man

  1. Jane,
    I hope that most of your trees are as beautiful as this one. It is fascinating to see most of your trees are very straight – ours are leaning from west to east – wind effect.
    Keep up your favourite pastime.


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