Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Lourdes 1874

Today I decided to hop in my car with the intention of painting the old church in Rigaud… however I was distracted by the Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Lourdes, a shrine dedicated to the virgin Mary that was built in 1874 and maintained by the Clercs of St. Viateur. It is a beautiful, quiet place and the organist was rehearsing while I was painting… it felt as though the music was being played expressly for the painting. However, my own thoughts were directed towards my parents as they go to mass every Sunday during the summer there, weather permitting. I thought that they might like this painting. This sanctuary welcomes many hundreds of people over the weekend, and they come in by bus directly from Montreal, entire families from all walks of life.

Aujourd’hui j’ai décidé d’aller faire un petit tour via le Sanctuaire de Notre-Dame de Lourdes à Rigaud, un tombeau dédié à la vierge Marie. Ce sanctuaire a été bâti en 1874 et est dirigé par les Clercs de St-Viateur. C’est un endroit splendide, plein de quiétude et j’ai été très chanceuse car l’organiste se pratiquait et il me semblait que la musique jouait pour cette peinture. Mes pensées étaient dirigées vers mes parents, qui à 87 ans, vont à la messe au sanctuaire quand la température le permet. Ce sanctuaire accueille plusieurs centaines de personnes par semaine, des familles entières débarquent en autobus de Montréal.

4 thoughts on “Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Lourdes 1874

  1. Well, this coming Sunday, if the temperature is ok, I will go with you and I will paint while you are at Mass… I would like to paint the bigger building as it is quite impressive. Thanks Dad for commenting ;-)


  2. Jane, Mom and I go to mass on Sundays at the chapel (weather permitting) and you have done a very realistic job.


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