Sunday Morning Ritual

On Sunday mornings, I have a routine… the best way to start is by taking a long bath, then listen to the Sunday Morning show on CBS and looking forward to drinking my favourite tea, Genmai-Cha from this quirky looking teacup. Then I blast the house with Classical Indian music and oohhhhhmmmmm — what a nice start to a gorgeous Sunday — rain or shine.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ritual

  1. Oh my, can I move in with you? Because that sounds like the perfect morning to me too! My Mom and I have this Indian CD in the car that we listen to all the time while in traffic, it helps us relax… and we love seeing the look on people’s faces when they see us dancing! :P


    1. Hah! I knew that we had more in common than meets the eye. It is such a good feeling to start off the day in that state, too. Good idea in the car too ;-)))


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